Coerver Academy Training Program for Clubs

The Academy Program is a fresh innovation aimed specifically at the soccer needs of (7-12 year old) Boys and Girls. The program will provide highly skilled, nationally licensed coaches who will assist the growing organizations in player development. Using the Coerver Coaching curriculum, the World’s # 1 Soccer Skills Teaching Method, we will increase the standard of play through individual skill development. The Coerver Academy Programming will offer flexibility to the local soccer organizations by teaching varying levels of skill, while grouping the skill levels in order to attain maximum progression of the individual soccer player.


The Academy Concept is designed to be an additional program that people register for. It can work on a; first come first served basis, a selection process where players are invited individually, or a mixture of both at different time slots. Dependant on the skill and dedication level of the players at the soccer organization will dictate what training progression would be used. Multiple areas of the game will be taught to the players at a high tempo and directed at the specific skill set. This will allow the groups involved to progress at a standard to maximize potential. The greatest benefit is that your organization does not need to hire additional staff or increase overhead. Coerver becomes your player development experts and your organization gets the praise!


The Coerver Academy Program is built around 8-week training sessions within your already established playing seasons (Fall or Spring). The result of an 8-week session will produce marked improvement in individual soccer skills and a deeper tactical understanding of the game. 


The 8-weeks of professional training will all be covered in a low $48 per participant fee *(Contact us for club pricing for 100+). On top of this - we will give each participant a FREE custom designed t-shirt with the Coerver logo AND your soccer organization’s logo. Plus, a certificate of participation for every player.


To set up a Coerver Academy Program in your area, please contact us. We stand committed with you to make the stars of tomorrow in your back yard. 



Dave Dresbach 

Executive Director

Coerver Coaching AL/AR/FL/MS

P: 866-819-5252 ext 1